Burn Accidents

Burn injuries caused by fires are extremely painful and can result in permanent scars as well as disfigurement. Skin grafts, excision, and physical therapy are painful and can result in being confined to a hospital for several months. If you were seriously injured in a fire, the Law Office of Michael Siegel, P.C. can help you. We have been helping victims of serious injuries for more than 30 years. We can provide transportation to our office or we can visit you in your home or hospital.

There are many reasons why fires occur. There could have been electrical wiring problems in the building. There could have been open flamed candles improperly left on the floor. We use only the best and most highly respected fire and engineer experts to inspect where the accident occurred to determine the cause of the fire and how the fire could have been prevented.

In addition to pain and suffering, burn victims can have permanent scars and disfigurement. We use the best plastic surgeons in New York City to examine you. We will also use professional photographers to photograph your injuries and scars.

Burn injuries are very serious resulting in life long issues of pain, scars, and disfigurement. We will use our extensive legal experience, fire, engineer and medical experts to make certain that you receive the largest monetary settlement possible and as quickly as possible.