Snow and Ice Accidents

The Law Office of Michael Siegel, P.C. has more than 30 years of handling serious injuries caused by snow and ice accidents. If you suffered a broken bone or seriously injured your neck, back, shoulder or knee because you slipped and fell as the result of snow or ice, we can help you. It is important for you or one of our investigators to take photographs of the location where you slipped and fell. It is also important for you to obtain the exact address where you slipped and fell. Give our office a call immediately after the accident so we can help you. We can provide transportation to our office or we can visit you in your home or hospital.

The Law Office of Michael Siegel, P.C. will undertake all the necessary investigations and insurance claims quickly. We will keep you advised of all developments of your case from the time you come to our office to the time your case is settled.

We will make certain that you see only the best private doctors and the most highly skilled specialists for your fractures and injuries to your back, neck, head, knees, and shoulders. We have established relationships with only the best private doctors, physical therapists and the most highly skilled medical specialists so that you receive the best medical care.

We will use our extensive legal experience to make certain that you obtain the largest settlement possible and as quickly as possible.